At Advara, we’ve developed the world’s first universal, cloud-native land registration platform – a unique land registration as a service (LRaaS) solution, developed with the land registry industry, for the land registry industry. And it’s transforming the global land titling landscape.

What is the land registry platform?

Our scalable, cloud-native, land registry platform brings land titling into the digital age, streamlining and automating what – until now – has been a paper-based, labour-intensive process. Integrating seamlessly with legacy land registry systems and services, our multi-tenanted solution has been designed for universal, multi-jurisdictional use.

What our platform does for you

As a land registry agency, you’ll benefit from faster, more efficient and cost-effective land title registration services. Our platform gives you the ability and flexibility to:

  • Migrate safely away from ageing legacy systems – low cost, low risk
  • Automate and expedite a vast majority of paper and electronic registration lodgements
  • Minimise manual processing and associated labour costs
  • Minimise or eliminate processing errors and delays
  • Improve the registration experience for end users, with an intuitive online interface
  • Minimise ongoing system infrastructure and management costs with either an LRaaS solution or a concessional model.

What does that mean in the real world?

For our first land registry client, Landgate in Western Australia, our platform almost immediately improved every metric:

  1. Cost. Per document costs significantly reduced.
  2. Speed. Processing taking seconds rather than days.
  3. Productivity. Automating the land registry process.
  4. Efficiency. Significant reduction in rework.
  5. Flexibility. Dynamic rules engine and skills based routing.
  6. Customer satisfaction. The lowest ‘Active Documents’ (outstanding backlog cases) and significant reduction in ‘Turn Around Times’.

But this is just the start. Our platform utilises a flexible system architecture that enables new services to be added seamlessly on an ongoing basis, so as more automation capabilities come online, Landgate’s productivity and performance metrics will continue to improve.

Who is using our services? 

Landgate is the Western Australian statutory authority with responsibility for maintaining the state's official land registry, and a leading provider of land and geographic information. Evolving since 1829 from the original Surveyor-General's Office, Landgate became a statutory authority in 2007. Recognised as a leader in embracing innovation in the workplace, Landgate is using the Advara LRaaS.

Landgate logo
“Land Registry as a Service (LRaaS) has brought huge benefits to Landgate and our customers. Processing documents electronically has enabled us to deliver faster turnaround times for customers and has streamlined our business processes.

It’s highly cost effective (we are anticipating savings of $52 million over five years) and there’s greater security, accuracy and consistency with the data. It is delivering our vision of providing modern land registry services in the digital age, and I would recommend it to any land registry.”
Jean Villani, Registrar of Titles, Landgate